Painting wip 2.jpg
Painting wip 2.jpg
Painting wip 2.jpg

Printing on Handmade Paper

Cast Paper Reveal

 Materials and Process 

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Pineapple Reveal

5 color linocut - hand print 

Exploration of materials inspires the development of new works.  It's an endless process of discovering new ways to communicate through texture, color, and a range of techniques used to transfer and adapt designs.  I'm fascinated with the connection between materials and the art itself as a living object as opposed to an object we live with.

If the connection between image and material is strong the art becomes more than what is actually is (dirt, fiber, pigment etc.).  It comes alive and has a new identity that transcends what it once was.  Overall the process involves several destructive phases where natural materials have been carved, beaten ripped apart or squashed under extreme pressure.  This chaotic journey results in a new identity.