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Painting wip 2.jpg

Collage and Public Installations 

Painting wip 2.jpg
CB SA1.jpg
Hart Bar SA.jpg
Cast Iron paste up.jpg
Star St. Library 1.jpg
Swiss Monstera SA.jpg
Soho SA.jpg
Star St. Working 2.jpg
Synergy paste up_edited.jpg
CB 4 SA.jpg
BRK plant 2_edited.jpg
Autumn SA.JPG
Paste 4.jpg
Paste 5_edited.jpg
Paste 2.jpg
Paste 3.jpg
Star St. Library 2.jpg

Images like potted plants and overgrown cities are a sort of reference to Brooklyn's history, including street art, fine art and literature. It feels to me like an appropriate way to express feelings of humanity in places where it's clearly been distressed.  This is where most people are initially introduced to my work.

"Sharing with the public is an invigorating practice.  It represents proof of how art communicates beyond what it actually is and connects us through some poetic expression of ideas.  An image or illusion suggests you consider something for a moment.  When art is its best it becomes accepted in a person's memory and familiar in a positive way that enhances their experience or mood. This goal is always true regardless of if the artwork is presented in a traditional gallery or wheat pasted in some neglected corner of the city."

MDot Collab 2.jpg
Hart Bar - CB_edited.jpg
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